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Roaring Brook
Roaring Brook

East Martinsburg, NY

Roaring Brook Standards LLC

Standard Poodles

We are a family of five living amongst the pines of Roaring Brook in East Martinsburg. We began our search for a canine companion in early 2019 after having lost a beloved family dog to natural causes. After much research, we decided to search for a standard poodle. We wanted a dog that was great with children, active, easy to train and one that would keep shedding to a minimum. We were fortunate enough to find a local breeder and I put our name on the list. We brought Lucy home in January of 2020. We were instantly in love. She was so affectionate and well mannered. I took her to work with me for the first few weeks, she loved the attention from my coworkers but could also be content sleeping under my desk or playing in the corner of my office. Lucy was quick to learn the rules and had a knack for befriending everyone. 

It is a known affliction in the poodle owner’s world to want to “collect” poodles. Once you experience love from this breed, you will want more. In late 2020 we started looking for another Spoo. We were lucky to find another breeder nearby who provided us with Finnegan.  A big red ball of energy. Finn is everything that Lucy is and more. It was a match made in heaven. 

We just love our standards so much and believe in this breed to be one of the best. They are naturally intuitive to your feelings and mood making them a great prospect for a therapy dog and are also naturally built for water sports such as dock diving and duck hunting. For those who are sensitive to some types of dog hair, you will not experience that with a poodle. Our goal is only to improve on the breed for color and temperament. 

Roaring Brook Puppies

Our beautiful new puppies were born on April 24th, 2022. These little balls of joy will be ready to find new homes on June 26th, 2022! To find out more information or apply to purchase a puppy, please visit our puppy page! 

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We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding the breed, our puppies, or general questions about care. Please feel free to give us a call, send us an email, find our facebook page, or submit a contact form below!

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Located near Lowville in East Martinsburg

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